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void csgXput(u8 csgSlaveAdr, u8 csgDigit, u8 csgData)

csgSlaveAdr: Slave address of the CSG device
csgDigit: The digit location to print csgData (0~3, 0=Far Left, 3=Far Right)
csgData: A bit array with each bit corresponding to an individual LED

Turns on or off specific LEDs, specified by csgData, on the CSG device on address csgSlaveAdr, in digit location csgDigit.

csgData is a bit array in which each bit corresponds to a different LED as shown in the following table:

csgXput(0, 1, 0x55);     //01010101 = A,E,C,G ON; B,D,F,Dot OFF

CSG (7 Segment module)

The CSG library is used to display information on Comfile Technology's 7-segment display devices. Each CSG device must have a unique I2C slave address configured by a dipswitch on the back of the device.

Up to 4 CSG devices can be daisy-chained together to make a longer composite display. Each device must have a different slave address.

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