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void dacOut (u8 dacId, u8 dacCh, u16 daValue)

dacId : The ID of the DA Output Module (0 ~ 9)
dacCh: The channel on the DA Output Module (1 ~ 2)
daValue: The output magnitude (0 ~ 60,000)

Sets the output of the digital-to-analog converter (DAC) on DA Voltage Output Module dacId, channel dacCh. daValue is the magnitude of the output voltage represented as a number between 0 and 60,000.

Up to 10 DA Voltage Output Modules can be installed in a single system providing a total of 20 DA output channels.

daValue corresponds linearly to the output voltage (0 ~ 10V, dipswitch OFF / 0 ~ 5V dipswitch ON).

Output load should be at least 1Kohm.

The following sample program slowly increases the voltage from 0 to 10V, 1V at a time.

#include "moacon500.h"
void cmain(void)
 while(1)                          //Run forever
   u16 v = 0;
   for(v = 0; v<60000; v+=6000)    //Increase by 1V(6000) until 10V(60000)
     dacOut(0,2,v);                //Set output voltage
     delay(1000);                  //Wait for 1 second

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