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Debug Terminal

The Debug Terminal is an essential tool for displaying information on a program while it is executing. The following functions can be used to customize the way information is displayed in the Debug Terminal.


void debugCls()

Clears all text in the debug terminal.


void debugLocate(x, y)

x: The cursor's x coordinate
y: The cursor's y coordinate

Moves the cursor to the position that is x characters from the left of the Debug Terminal, and y characters from the top of the Debug Terminal. This will be the point at which the next character will be printed.


void debugPut(ch)

ch: The ASCII code of the character, or the character to be printed to the Debug Terminal

Prints a single ASCII character to the Debug Terminal. Both debugPut('a') and debugPut(97) print the character “a”. 97 is the ASCII code for the character “a” in decimal.


u32 printf(char *formatString[, arg0, …, argn])

formatString: A character string to be printed that can optionally contain format specifiers
arg0,…,argn: An optional set of arguments to be used by format specifiers.
returns The number of characters printed.

Prints a string to the Debug Terminal. The string may optionally contain format specifiers that are substituted by the additional arguments (arg0,…, argn).

The MOACON supports the following format specifiers:

Specifier Description Prints
%d Signed decimal integer 100 -10
%u Unsigned decimal integer 100 12
%x Unsigned lower case hexadecimal integer Ab 12ab
%X Unsigned upper case hexadecimal integer AB 12AB
%c A character a
%f A decimal floating point number 0.123534
%s A string of characters Comfile Technology
%e Scientific notation 7.3458485e+07
%% Escape '%' character %


int x=345;
float y=34.564;
printf("%10d\r\n",x);     // prints " 345"
printf("%-10d\r\n",x);    // prints "345 "
printf("%010d\r\n",x);    // prints "0000000345"
printf("%.2f\r\n",y);     // prints 34.57

printf is an extremely common output statement in the C programming language, and readers are encouraged to obtain additional C programming resources to learn more about this function.

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