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Ethernet Module

The Ethernet module provides TCP/IP capabilities to the MOACON.

LED Descriptions
TX Transmit
RX Receive
ERR Data/IP Conflict
FULL Full duplex
100M 100Mb Ethernet Enabled
LINK Connection Status

Network Connectivity

Ethernet devices are usually connected to one another through a hub or switch. Each device must have a unique MAC and IP Address. The hub/switch connects all devices to each other forming a local network.

If connecting several devices to the Internet, typically they all must traverse a gateway and/or router. The gateway/router has two ports: one connected to the Internet, and one connected to the local network. The gateway/router must have one unique MAC and IP address for the Internet port, and a separate MAC and IP address for the local network port. The gateway/router then brokers data back and forth between the Internet and the local network.

TCP Client-Server Communication

TCP Client-Server communication is the typical method in which two nodes on a network communicate with one another.

A server listens for a connection from a client. When a client connects, the server confirms the connection from the client. Once the connection is established, they can transmit and receive data to and from one another.

The following diagram illustrates how a network might look with a PC as a server, and several MOACONs as clients.

Installing Ethernet Module

Only one of Ethernet Module can be installed at a time.

As shown in the image above, Ethernet Module can be installed in any vacant slot on the 10-slot main board. Ethernet Module cannot be installed in the expansion boards.

WARNING: Do not plug or unplug modules while the power is on.

MOACON - Modular Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)

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