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High-Speed Counter & PWM Module

The high-speed counter module features high-speed counter input (or encoder input), and PWM outputs. Unlike other MOACON I/O modules, care needs to be taken to ensure signals stay within 0 ~ 5V.

Input signals should be within 0 ~ 5V. (2V and greater is a Logic High)

When inputting between 12V ~ 24V connect a 2.2kΩ (0.5W) resistor in series.

Installing Special Purpose Modules

Only one of each type of special purpose module can be installed at a time. For example, you can install one communication module, one high-speed counter module, and one Ethernet module concurrently, but you can't install 2 or more communication modules, high-speed counter modules, or Ethernet modules concurrently.

As shown in the image above, special purpose modules can be installed in any vacant slot on the 10-slot main board. Special Purpose Modules cannot be installed in the expansion boards.

WARNING: Do not plug or unplug modules while the power is on.

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