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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What software is needed to use the MOACON?

You only need MOACON Studio. It is an integrated development environment that contains everything you need to program the MOACON. It can be downloaded from

Q: I'm currently using Comfile Technology's CUBLOC. How is the MOACON different?

The CUBLOC is a microcontroller capable of simultaneous execution of both BASIC and Ladder Logic. The code is interpreted which, in comparison with the MOACON, results is a slower execution speed.
The CUBLOC is primary targeted for customers who wish to manufacture mass quantities of custom PCB products with the goal of reducing production costs.

The MOACON is a 32-bit ARM processor based, modular, C programmable controller. The code is compiled, rather than interpreted resulting in much faster execution.
Due to the MOACON's modular design, a variety of features, such as Ethernet, temperature monitoring, digital-to-analog conversion, and more, can be aggregated to customize the MOACON for a specific product's requirements or added at a later time as a product's requirements change.

Q: What's the maximum number of digital I/O ports supported by the MOACON?

Used in combination with the I/O Expansion Modules, the MOACON can support up to 256 ports
  • 48 Default Digital I/O Ports
  • 128 Expandable Digital Input Ports
  • 80 Expandable Relay Output Ports

Q: Is multitasking supported?

Multitasking is not supported, but using timers, background processing can be simulated.

Q: What is needed to get started using the MOACON?

The MOACON Start Pack contains everything that is needed to get started and should be purchased first. Additional modules can be purchased separately to fulfill any remaining requirements.

The MOACON Start Pack Includes:
  • MOACON CPU Module: DP-CPU500
  • 8-Pin Digital Input Module: CF-DIDC8
  • 8-Pin Digital Output Module: CF-DORL8
  • 10-Slot Module Base
  • Power Supply: 24VDC 0.62A Output
  • Power Cable
  • Wire
  • USB Download Cable

MOACON - Modular Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)

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