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MOACON - Modular Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)

Warnings and Precautions

The MOACON is a C-programmable modular industrial controller. Its modular design enables customers to purchase just the modules needed, and aggregate them in a way that customizes the MOACON precisely for a product's specific requirements, and provides adaptability should those requirements change.

The MOACON's Primary Features

  • Modular Design
  • C Programmable
  • 32 bit ARM Processor
  • USB Downloading and Debugging
  • MOACON Studio - Free Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software

The MOACON boasts a 32-bit ARM CPU Module for fast and complex computation and data processing. Individual modules include features for Digital I/O, Relay Output, Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to- Analog Conversion, Motor control, Temperature Monitoring, RS-232 Communication, Ethernet, and the potential for more.

The free integrated development environment, MOACON Studio, features a C compiler, source editor, flash programming and debugging via USB, and more. The source editor features syntax highlighting, command completion, and context sensitive help making learning, developing, and testing MOACON software projects a productive experience.

Download the MOACON USB Drivers


Digital I/O Modules

  • CF-DOSO8 - 8-Pin DC Source Output Module
  • CF-DOSI8 - 8-Pin DC Sink Output Module
  • CF-DORL8 - 8-Pin Relay Output Module
  • CF-DIDC8 - 8-Pin Digital Input Module
  • I2-EDI16 - 16-Pin Digital Input Expansion Module
  • RS-EDOR8 - 8 Channel Relay Output Expansion Module

Analog I/O Modules

  • RS-ADIN4 - 4 Channel Analog Input Module
  • RS-HADIN4 - 4 Channel High Resolution Analog Input Module
  • RS-SADIN6 - 6 Channel High Resolution Analog Input Module
  • RS-DAOUT2 - 2 Channel Digital-to-Analog Voltage Output
  • RS-DAOUT2B - 2 Channel Digital-to-Analog Current Output
  • RS-THRT4 - 4 Channel Temperature Input Module

Special-Purpose Modules

System Library















Sample Programs & Additional Information

MOACON uses's manual PDF file - This is the MOACON manual as it existed before publishing the COMFILE Technology Documentation Library. It is no longer maintained, but remains here as a historical record.

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