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void netBegin (u8* gatewayIP, u8* subnetMask, u8* macAdr, u8* deviceIp)

gatewayIP : Gateway IP address
subnetMask: Subnet mask
macAdr: MAC Address
deviceIp: IP address of the Ethernet Module

Configures the TCP/IP network settings of the Ethernet Module. The Ethernet Module does not support DHCP. The MAC address and the IP address must be unique on the network.

u8 GatewayIP[]={192,168,0,1};
u8 SubnetMask[]={255,255,255,0};
u8 MacAdr[]={0,0,34,53,12,0};
u8 DeviceIp[]={192,168,0,12};
u8 destIP[]={192,168,0,2};
netBegin(GatewayIP, SubnetMask, MacAdr, DeviceIp);

The MOACON supports the ICMP protocol, so after a call to netBegin, the IP settings can be tested by sending a ping command to the MOACON.

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