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u8 portBlockIn (u8 portBlockNumber)

portBlockNumber : The port block to read (0 through 5)
returns a bit array containing the input state of each port in portBlockNumber

Reads the input state of all ports in the given port block, portBlockNumber, returning a 8-bit array containing the input state of each of the 8 ports in the port block. If portBlockNumber is 1, bit 0 of the return value would correspond to port 10, and bit 7 would correspond to port 17. If portBlockIn(1) returned a value of 7 (b0000 0111), this would mean ports 10~12 would be on, and ports 13-17 would be off.

u8 i = portBlockIn(2);     // Reads the input state of ports 20 ~ 27

The following program will copy all the outputs read from an input module in slot 0 (DIO +0) to the output module in slot 1 (DIO + 10).

#include "moacon500.h"
void cmain()
    portInit(0, 1); // Input module in slot 0
    portInit(1, 0); // Output module in slot 1
       u8 state = portBlockIn(0);  // Read all 8 inputs
       portBlockOut(1, state);     // Copy input state to outputs


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