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Digital-to-Analog Voltage Output Module

The DA Voltage Output Module is a 2-channel, 0 ~ 5V / 0 ~ 10V digital-to-analog voltage converter module. The voltage range is configured using the dipswitch on the side of the module.

RS-DAOUT2 Specifications
Analog Output DC 0~5V Or 0~10V (1Kohm or higher load)
Output Impedance150Ω
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 50 oC (no condensation)
Operating Humidity 35 ~ 85%RH
Output Resolution 0 ~ 60,000
Communication Method RS-485
Maximum Conversion Rate 0 ~ 60,000, 600ms
Isolation Method No Isolation

Installing AIO Modules

The AIO (Analog Input & Output) modules can be installed in any slot on either the 10-slot main board or the 5-slot expansion board, except the CPU slot.

MOACON - Modular Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)

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