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The MODPORT is a modular, Modbus RTU field I/O controller for I/O control and data acquisition. Each module operates as an independent Modbus RTU slave, and each channel is individually or collectively addressable.

It can be interfaced with our CPCV5, CUWIN, and ComfilePi panel PCs, or with any Modbus RTU master, but is an especially excellent companion to the ComfileHMI.

No programming is required! Just connect a Modbus master via RS-485, set the Modbus slave address of each module, and it just works.

A wide variety of modules are available so you can configure your system specifically to your application's needs. Individual modules include Digital I/O, Relay Output, Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Conversion, Temperature Monitoring, and the potential for more.

Header Module and Slot Board

Digital Input/Output Modules

Model Name Module Type Description Voltage / Current Address for HMI
MD-DOSI8 8 Channel DC Sink Output DC Output x 8 (Sink Type) DC 3.3V ~ 27V / 1A 03101 ~ 03108
MD-DOSO8 8 Channel DC Source Output DC Output x 8 (Source Type) DC 12V ~ 24V / 1A 03001 ~ 03008
MD-DORL8 8 Channel Relay Output Relay Output x 8 DC 6 ~ 27V / 4A
AC 6 ~ 240V / 4A
03201 ~ 03208
MD-DIDC8 8 Channel DC Output DC Input x 8 (12V~24V) DC 12V ~ 24V 00001 ~ 00008

Analog Input/Output Modules

Model Name Module Type Description Input/Output Range Address for HMI
MD-ADIN4 4 Channel Analog Input 13.3-bit ADC x 4 0~10V, 1~5V (4~20mA) 40101 ~ 40104
MD-HADIN4 4 Channel High Resolution Analog Input 16.6-bit ADC x 4 0~10V, 1~5V (4~20mA) 40201 ~ 40204
MD-THRT4 4 Channel Temperature Input PT100Ω Temperature Sensor x 4 -100.0~500.0℃ 40301 ~ 40304
MD-DAOUT2 2 Channel Digital-to-Analog Voltage Output 16-bit DAC x 2 0~10V, 0~5V 43301 ~ 43302
MD-DAOUT2B 2 Channel Digital-to-Analog Current Output 16-bit DAC x 2 4~20mA, 0~20mA 43401 ~ 43404

MODPORT User's Manual PDF file - This is the MODPORT manual as it existed before publishing the COMFILE Documentation Library. It is no longer maintained, but remains here as a historical record.

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