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2-Channel Digital to Analog Current Output Module: MD-DAOUT2B

The MD-DAOUT2B is a 2-channel digital to analog current, 0~20mA / 4~20mA , output module. The current range is configured using the dipswitch on the side of the module

The MD-DAOUT2B’s negative terminal controls the current through a connected load; so it should not be connected to a fixed potential. The MD-DAOUT2B should be used to drive differential loads. To drive single-ended loads, an isolation circuit may be required.


Item Description
Channels 2
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 50℃ (no condensation)
Operating Humidity 35 ~ 85%RH
Input Resistance 20KΩ
Analog Output 0~20mA Or 4~20mA (600Ω or higher differential load)
Output Value 0 ~ 60,000
Conversion Speed 30ms per channel
Communication Method RS485
Maximum Conversion Rate 0 ~ 60,000, 600ms
Isolation Method No Isolation

Output Current

Values between 0 ~ 60,000 correspond linearly to the output current (4 ~ 20mA, dipswitch OFF / 0 ~ 20mA, dipswitch ON).

Modbus Starting Address

Each module has 2 channels, each with its own unique Modbus address.

Channel 0 1
Starting Address(base 10) 3400 3401
Starting Address(base 16) CE4 CE5
Address (base 10) used by HMI (SCADA) 43401 43402

Module ID (Modbus Slave Address) Assignment

On the front of the module, there is a rotary switch labeled ID, that is used to select the Modbus slave address for the module. When installing multiple modules of the same type, the ID for each module should be unique.

Rotary switch position 0 corresponds to Modbus slave address 10. If the ID is changed after the module is powered on, it must be power cycled for the new ID to take effect.


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