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8-Channel Relay Output Moduel : MD-DORL8

This is a 4A load per channel relay output module capable of up to AC 240V.

If a high switching frequency is needed, using the DC Output Modules is recommended.

After prolonged used, the relay's mechanical contacts may become worn and will need to be replaced. (Individual relays are not available, so the entire module will need to be replaced.)

Each module has 8 channels, each with its own unique Modbus address

Channel 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Starting Address(base 10) 3200 3201 3202 3203 3204 3205 3206 3207
Starting Address(base 16) C80 C81 C82 C83 C84 C85 C86 C87
Address (base 10) used by HMI (SCADA) 03201 03202 03203 03204 03205 03206 03207 03208

Module ID (Modbus Slave Address) Assignment

On the front of the module, there is a rotary switch labeled ID, that is used to select the Modbus slave address for the module. When installing multiple modules of the same type, the ID for each module should be unique.

Rotary switch position 0 corresponds to Modbus slave address 10. If the ID is changed after the module is powered on, it must be power cycled for the new ID to take effect.


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