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Device Declaration

  #include "MSB6XX"   ' For the MSB6xx series
  #include "MSB7XX"   ' For the MSB7xx series 

Output at BASIC language

Low 32       ' Turn port 32 Off
High 32      ' Turn port 32 on
Out 33,1     ' Turn port 33 on. Same as `High 33`

Input at BASIC language

A = In(10)   ' Get port 10's state (Result is 0 or 1)

I/O Addresses in Ladder Logic

Name Range Unit Desc.
P P0~P31 bit Input
P P32~P63 bit Output
M M0~M511 bit Internal
F F0~F127 bit System status and special function
T T0~T99 a word (16 bit) Timer
C C0~C49 a word (16 bit) Counter
D D0~99 a word (16 bit) Data

If you want to use an I/O port in Ladder logic, you must first use the UsePin Command.

Usepin 0, In     ' Use 0 for Ladder Logic as Input
Usepin 32, Out   ' Use 32 for Ladder Logic as Output
Set Ladder On    ' Start Ladder Logic

STATUS LED control at BASIC Language

High 64   ' STATUS LED ON.
Low 64    ' STATUS LED OFF.

STATUS LED control at Ladder logic

Set Ladder On ' After this
_F(64) = 1    ' STATUS LED ON.
_F(64) = 0    ' STATUS LED OFF.

MSB Series

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