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MODPORT Expansion

To expand the I/O capabilities and features (analog input/output, temperature input, etc…), MODPORT modules can be added.

What is the MODPORT? It is a modular Modbus field I/O controller with features that include digital I/O, analog I/O, temperature input, and a variety of others.

The MSB764T can be connected to the MODPORT's 5-slot board as shown in the figure above. The MODPORT header module is not needed.

The MODPORT can be controlled using a set of dedicated commands listed below. The MODPORT can only be controlled using BASIC; Ladder Logic control is not supported.

  • MPADIn - Reads from the MD-ADIN4 analog to digital input module.
  • MPDAOutA - Writes to the MD-DAOUT2B digital to analog current output module.
  • MDDAOutV - Writes to the MD-DAOUT2 digital to analog voltage output module.
  • MPHADIn - Reads from the MD-HADIN4 high resolution analog to digital input module.
  • MPIn - Reads from the MD-DIDC8 digital input module.
  • MPRelay - Writes to the MD-DORL8 digital output relay module.
  • MPSink - Writes to the MD-DOSI8 digital output sink module.
  • MPSource - Writes to the MD-DOSO8 digital output source module.
  • MPThIn - Reads from the MD-THRT4 temperature input module.

For instructions on how to wire the MODPORT's inputs and outputs, please see the MODPORT manual.

By daisy-chaining as many as four 5-slot boards together, the system can be expanded to maximum of 20 MODPORT modules.

MSB Series

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