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Study Board 3

The Study Board 3 is an IO board for studying and evaluating CUBLOC modules. Buy it here.

Warnings and Precautions


Power Input DC 9V ~12V
Supported Modules CB220, CB320, CB280, CB380, CB400, CB05, CB405RT
Components LEDs, Display port (I2C), ADC potentiometer, Piezo buzzer, Push buttons
Communication Ports RS-232 Channel 1 (Communication), RS-232 Channel 0 (Download/Monitoring/Communication)
IO Expansion Ports CUNET (I2C) for CLCD (Character LCD module) and CSG (7-segment display module)

NOTE: The CB290 is not supported.

NOTE: Mounting multiple CUBLOC modules simultaneously is not supported.

Download the schematic



The CUBLOC's channel 1 UART (COM 1) is wired through a MAX232 level converter to the COM 1 D-SUB port.

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