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WebMon is an alternative operating system for the ComfilePi panel PCs to make it easier to configure them for use as web-based kiosks, HMI terminals, or digital signage.

Open the WebMon software, enter the URL, save the changes, and the next time the panel PC boots, that URL will be automatically opened full-screen in the panel PC's web browser. Use the escape touch feature to exit the browser and return to the WebMon window to make changes to the WebMon's and panel PC's configuration.



Download the OS image above and use the Raspberry Pi Imager to install the OS image to the panel PC. The OS image is preconfigured for the CPi-A070WR, CPi-B070WR, and the CPi-A102WR. For other models, please replace the /boot/config.txt file with the appropriate model-specific one located in the /boot directory.

The default user is pi and the default password is raspberry. It is recommended to the use the Raspberry Pi Imager's Advanced options to change the default username and password. Press the gear icon and set a new username and password in the Advance Options screen before writing the OS to the SD card or eMMC.

IMPORTANT Do not use the Raspberry Pi Imager's Advanced options to change the default WiFi settings. The WebMon operating system uses Network Manager instead of dhcpcd and the Raspberry Pi Imager has not yet been updated to be compatible with Network Manager.

When the panel PC first boots, it will…

  1. Expand the file system
  2. Generate SSH keys
  3. Enable the read-only file system overlay, and then
  4. Reboot

If you made any changes the through the Raspberry Pi Imager's Advanced options, then it will…

  1. Expand the file system
  2. Generate SSH keys
  3. Reboot
  4. Apply your changes
  5. Enable the read-only file system overlay, and then
  6. Reboot again

Subsequent boots will boot directly to the browser if a URL is specified in the WebMon settings, or directly to the WebMon software if a URL is not specified.

Usage and Operation

The WebMon file system is divided into 3 partitions:

  1. /boot - This partition contains the bootloader, firmware, and kernel; everything necessary to boot the OS. It is read-only when booted.
  2. /data - This is a read-write partition where settings are stored. Settings from the read-only root partition are symlinked to the /data partition so their changes can be retained.
  3. / - This is the root partition that contains the operating system's root file system and settings. Any settings that can be potentially changed can by symlinked to the /data partition so those changes are retained between power cycles.

The /boot and / partitions are read-only so the system can withstand abrupt losses of power, and so operators do not need to shutdown the system between uses.


Use this page to type the URL that the panel PC's web browser should open to when it boots.

If the URL is blank when the WebMon software starts, the panel PC will boot to the WebMon software instead of the browser. If the URL is not blank when the WebMon software starts, the panel PC will boot to browser and immediately open the URL.


Use this page to configure the panel PC's network interfaces.

  • Dynamic or Static - Choose between dynanmic configuration (DHCP) or static configuration.
  • For Static configuration, to edit the IP Address, Gateway, and DNS Server fields, select the individual octet and then use the arrow buttons to increase or decrease its value.

To make changes to WiFi SSID or passphrase, edit the file /data/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/wifi.nmconnection or use the nmcli command in an SSH terminal session and then copy the file /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/wifi.nmconnection to /data/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/wifi.nmconnection.


Use this page to calibrate the touchscreen, customize the touch features of the panel PC and the WebMon software.

  • Calibrate Touchscreen - Opens the touchscreen calibration utility to calibrate the touchscreen.
  • Show Pointer Cursor - Check to show the pointer cursor (a.k.a. mouse cursor), or uncheck to hide it. This feature will take effect the next time the panel PC is booted.
  • Enable Touch - This can be used to enable or disable the touchscreen while the browser is being displayed.
  • Enable Touch Beep - Check to enable the touch audible feedback beep. Uncheck to disable it.
  • Touch Beep Volume - Adjusts the volume of the touch beep emitted out of the panel PC's speaker, for those that have one.

Escape Touch Sequence

When the WebMon software is running, a special touch sequence on the screen will close the web browser and open the WebMon software. By default, that escape touch sequence is 5 consecutive touches in the top-right corner of the screen. This feature works even if the Enable Touch option is unchecked.

  • Escape Touch Location - Specifies which corner of the screen the magic touch feature should use.
  • Escape Touch Size - The number of pixels (width and height) of the rectangular area from the corner of the screen in which escape touches will have effect.
  • Number of Touches - The number of consecutive touches required to open the WebMon software.


  • Brightness - Adjusts the screen brightness.


Use this page to password-protect access to WebMon software.

  • Require Password - If checked the operator will be prompted to authenticate via the operating system's password before viewing or editing any of the WebMon settings. The default user is pi and the default password is raspberry. It is recommended to use the Advanced options of the Raspberry Pi imager when installing the WebMon operating system to use a different user id and password.


This page contains miscellaneous settings.

  • SSH - Whether or not to enable the SSH daemon service for remote administration.
  • Timezone - Change the panel PCs timezone
  • Locale - Change the panel PCs locale. The locale also determines the UI language of the WebMon application software. Currently only English and Korean translations have been created.
  • Volume - Adjust the master speaker volume


After making changes on the other pages, use this page to discard or save the changes, and then exit the WebMon software.

  • Discard Changes - Discard any changes made and revert to the prior saved state.
  • Save Changes - Save any changes made to disk.

  • Open Browser - Open the URL specified on the URL page in the panel PC's web browser, and send the WebMon software to run in the background.
  • Reboot - Reboots the panel PC
  • Shutdown - Shuts down the panel PC

Boot Logo / Splash Screen

To change the WebMon's boot logo/splash screen image, simply replace the image on the data partition at opt/ComfileTech/splash/splash.png with your own fullscreen image.

Making Administrative Changes to the Operating System

To make changes to WebMon's operating system that are not available through the WebMon software use the following procedure:

  1. Enable SSH
  2. Login via SSH
  3. Disable the readonly file system overlay using the raspi-config utility
  4. Reboot
  5. Login via SSH
  6. Make desired changes
  7. Enable the readonly file system overlay using the raspi-config utility
  8. Reboot
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