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To prevent system damage in case of sudden power down

The ComfilePi panel PCs must be properly shutdown before turning off the power. If power is abruptly lost, the panel PC's file system could become corrupted, preventing it from booting afterwards.

1. Use Battery pack for ComfilePi

This battery pack will provide temporary power in case of a power loss, buying time for the panel PC to be properly shutdown. When fully charged, it can provide up to 4 hours of power, depending on the model and activity of the panel PC.

Power is supplied to the CompilePI and the battery at the same time.

When power source fails or Votage drops to an unacceptable level.

Battery pack for ComfilePi

If you don't want use Battery-pack, I recommend use Read-only file system. It is basic feature of Linux OS.

2. Make Read-only File System with Overlay

It is very simple idea. You just switch to system file to read-only file. which means any other program or accident can't write to anything to system file.

First, upgrade your packages:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo reboot

You can then configure a read-only file system by going to Preferences–>Raspberry Pi Configuration–>Performance–>Overlay File SystemConfigure…

You may also need to disable the swap file service with sudo systemctl disable dphys-swapfile.service.

During development, this can be inconvenient. so I recommend this when you finish development.

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