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What is CUBLOC

Hi ! My name is charles.

I made CUBLOC about 18 years ago. it has been quite long time. At that time is before ARDUINO came out. 2003 spring i was developing some automation controller using a MCU. I thought if I make easy to use MCU that using BASIC language. It will help others. Because MCU is very difficult for beginner.

As you know, Some Automation control is quite simple. Just turn on and wait and Off. that's it.

If you do this using MCU. You have to understand almost everything about MCU technology. Plus you must understanding about how to use in-circuit emulator or debugger.

Let's see this BASIC code.

High 21
Wait 500
Low 21

It is very simple. Turn on port and wait some time and Turn off. even if you are don't know about the MCU. everyone can understand this code without special explain.

Very first CUBLOC is look like MCU. which means can insert to the PCB. At that time I really like MCU developing so My first version of CUBLOC is looks like DIP type MCU.


CUBLOC is Controller for Automation control using BASIC language.

Charles's Blog

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