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First of all, You should download CUBLOC STUDIO and install it. Comfile Technology's Download page

for use CUBLOC, you only need RS232C cable.

If your PC don't have RS232C Port, you should get USB-to-RS232C cable.

This course I will use MSB612RA-DC. It is single-body CUBLOC module.

Before we start, Just input this source code to CUBLOC studio.

#include "MSB6XX"
  High 32
  Wait 500
  Low 32
  Wait 500

Goto “PC interface setup” menu in the “Setup” menu.

Select one COM port for CUBLOC downloading.

Click red “RUN” icon.

It is just for tasting. If your MSB relay make some tic-toc noise that is success.

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