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COM Port Check

Do you have problem download to CUBLOC/MSB ?

First of all, You should do echo test first.

at the CUBLOC Studio, go to Setup→PC interface setup menu.

You have to select COM port first. Only available COM ports are listed. If you don't see any COM port here? Check Your PC BIOS or USB Driver setting first. Please be sure to use COM1 ~ COM8.

Short pins 2 and 3.

And then select “RS232C port Echo test”

If you see “Good” then it is no problem.

Firmware download

“Firmware download” will erase CUBLOC main chip's flash memory. and download CUBLOC RTOS image to CUBLOC Main chip's flash memory.

Select “firmware download” menu on the setup.

If COM port and RS232C cable don't have any problem, then you can see right this.

After that Firmware download is done.

Ready to download.

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