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When evaluating expressions in a programming language, it is important to understand the order of operations, also know as operator precedence. The following table describes Cubloc BASIC's operator precedence.

Operator Explanation Type Precendence
^ To the power of Math First
*,/,MOD Multiply, Divide, MOD Math
+,- Add, Subtract Math
«, » Left Shift, Right Shift Logic
<, >, ⇐, >= Less than, Larger than,
Less or Equal to , Larger or
Equal to.
=, <> Same, Different Comparison
AND, XOR, OR,NOTBoolean AND, XOR, OR, & NOTLogic Last

Within each row in the table above, the operators are evaluated from left to right.

The And, Xor, and Or operators are used for both logical and bit-wise operations.

If A=1 And B=1 Then C=1 ' if A=1 and B=1 …(Logical Operation)
If A=1 Or B=1 Then C=1  ' if A=1 or B=1…(Logical Operation)
A = B And &HF           'Set the upper 4 bits to zero. (Bit-wise Operation)
A = B Xor &HF           'Invert the lower 4 bits. (Bit-wise Operation)
A = B Or &HF            'Set the lower 4 bits to 1. (Bit-wise Operation).

That's it. You just finish about CUBLOC BASIC.

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