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Product Select tip

We have a lot of product for embedded control.


if you want mass production, you may use MCU.

But MCU needs tools (ex: JTAG debugger, programmer) and needs understanding about MCU technology.

so We recommand CUBLOC Core modules.

CUBLOC is easy to use. Don't need any tools. Just use RS232C cable for download and debugging. Also you can use BASIC or Ladder logic.

You don't need to understanding about MCU technology. You just write simple BASIC code and download it. Then CUBLOC will running.

  High 28    ' Turn on Port 28
  Delay 1000 ' Wait 1 sec.
  Low 28     ' Turn off Port 28
  Delay 1000 ' Wait 1 sec.

But CUBLOC Core needs make a PCB. If you don't have PCB making technology then you should choose MSB series.

MSB doesn't needs a PCB. It is a PLC style CUBLOC.


CUBLOC is very good solution for embedded control but it is little bit slow. Because CUBLOC use 8-bit MCU and it is bytecode-based language like JAVA and JVM.

so We made MOACON. MOACON use C language. it will compile to machine code. And MOACON made by 32 bit ARM-MCU. so much more faster than CUBLOC.

ComfileHMI : Human machine interface

Every machine needs Human-interface. We call these to HMI.

ComfileHMI is for CUBLOC, MOACON or other embedded contoller using MODBUS-RTU protocol.

PC based control system

If you want make PC-based control system. you can choice 3 kind of product from our Company.

ComfilePi is raspberry pi based Touch panel PC.

ComfilePi operating system is Linux.

If you using Windows 7/10/11 application can't use ComfilePi. We have product for Windows 7/10/11 application.

It is CPCV series.

Windows CE is kind of old. but still used by many companies (such as backhoff). Because Windows CE is very stable OS for embedded control.

We made Windows CE product since 2004. This is CUWIN series.

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