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Alphanumeric Keypad

The alphanumeric keypad is a keypad for entering both numbers and letters. It is a fixed keypad that is always displayed in a static position.

1. You can enter a specific string through the keypad and write it to a string variable.

2. Define the actions to be processed after completing the keypad input.

3. Make detailed settings for the display options and position of the keypad.

4. Check if you want to hide the information being entered with a * character.

5. If the character string being input exceeds the specified space, the font size is reduced. Enter the font size as a percentage of the normal size.

Use One Keypad to Edit Multiple Variables

The following project illustrates how one could potentially use a single keypad to edit multiple variables.

Download the project

There are 4 variables in this project:

  1. $variable_to_edit
  2. $keypad_value
  3. $a
  4. $b

When the “Edit Variable $a” button is pressed, “a” is assigned to $variable_to_edit. When the “Edit Variable $b” button is pressed, “b” is assigned to $variable_to_edit.

A condition is created to display the keypad when $variable_to_edit is either “a” or “b”

After a value is entered into the keypad, a series of 3 actions are executed

  1. If $variable_to_edit is “a”, then $keypad_value is assigned to $a
  2. If $variable_to_edit is “b”, then $keypad_value is assigned to $b
  3. Assign nothing to $variable_to_edit to close the keypad

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